1. The Benefits of Massage

    We all know Massage Therapy feels great...... and for some reason, people seem to look past the actual health benefits of Massage Therapy.  I thought this was a fantastic Massage Therapy graphic to share.  What startles me is the number of people that have Massage Therapy coverage as part of there…Read More

  2. Massage Therapy will Elevate your Mood

      Integrating Massage Therapy into your schedule as regular health maintenance has enormous benefits on  the body and the mind, including elevating your mood. During a Canadian winter, many people complain of suffering higher levels of depression and feeling lethargic, commonly known as 'Winter …Read More

  3. Acupuncture for Colds & Flu

    No one wants to lose their valuable time during the holiday season to a nasty cold. There are no magical cures for the common cold but Chinese Acupuncture is a great option to sidestep or vastly reduce symptoms and duration. How can you use Chinese Acupuncture? Preventatively. Do you catch colds f…Read More

  4. Neurokinetic Therapy™

    Neurokinetic Therapy™ Where does movement come from? How do we know how to coordinate all the muscles in our body to perform movement? Why does it hurt to bend this way or reach that way? The answer is very complex and for those experiencing pain and/or discomfort, the answer doesn’t often matte…Read More

  5. Shockwave Therapy, Heal Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

    Shockwave Therapy, heal spurs and plantar fasciitis ... Everyone has heard of Plantar Fasciitis and everyone has heard of Heal Spurs but not everyone has heard of Shockwave Therapy. There is so much confusion and misinformation on Plantar Fasciitis, Heal Spurs and what to do about the painful condit…Read More

  6. Shockwave Therapy

    "Montgomery Massage Therapy in Ottawa specializes in Shockwave Therapy." Everyone with soft tissue injuries can benefit from Shockwave Therapy. Some common examples include hip pointers, rotator cuff tendonopathy, tennis and golfer’s elbow, patellar and Achilles tendonopathies and plantar fasci…Read More

  7. What is Active Release Technique?

    As the popularity of endurance sports increases, so does the occurrence of cumulative trauma disorders (better known as over-use injuries). In order to resume training as quickly as possible important decisions need to be made as to what type of treatment would be most effective to treat the injury.…Read More