1. Heat vs Cold Therapy

    There are many philosophies of using heat and cold to treat injuries at home. I want to give you a few ideas to think over. I’ll see if I can get myself in hot water again…no pun intended:) I love heat…and prescribe it way more than any therapist I know. When you see me at Montgomery Massage T…Read More

  2. Five Recovery Techniques for Triathlon

    When it comes to recovery, timing is critical. Here's a sampling… five of the best recovery techniques for triathlon and the ideal time to use them. 1. Compression A recent Australian study found that athletes can improve their performance in 30 minutes of high-intensity cycling by wearing compres…Read More

  3. Thermophore…. The BEST Heating Pad ever!

    I mentioned the thermophore in yesterday’s post so I thought I would follow it up with a video. The best quaulity is clearly seen with the surface area covered. We do carry these at the office for your convenience. Just let us know when you might want to drop in and pick one up.…Read More