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We are athletes. As athletes, we not only understand what it means to train, but we also understand the importance of remaining injury free. As therapists, we treat your injuries, teach you prevention and enable you to get back to full activity as soon as possible.

Montgomery Massage Therapy has had doors open in Ottawa since 2001 giving Tracy Montgomery over 22 years of experience. We treat a wide range of people from professional athletes to weekend warriors to active living individuals and even desk jockeys. Specializing in Active Release Technique and Shockwave Therapy…..we have the tools to get you pain-free and back to your favourite activities.

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Tracy Montgomery

Tracy Montgomery has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist since 2000. She has had the incredible opportunity to work with the Sydney Olympic Games, World Cup Triathlon, Ironman Lake Placid and Hawaii as well as the National Whitewater Kayak and Basketball teams. Tracy is fully certified and specializes in Active Release Techniques and Shockwave Therapy.

Tracy is a runner by heart, spending her university years racing in the NCAA circuit on scholarship. Now she runs with no watch and is happiest when she is on the trails deep in the woods. A lover of cycling she has climbed some of the famous “tour “ climbs in France…and ventured into swimming to race a handful of Ironman events.

Tracy is the proud mom of two very spunky little girls.