Four great tools to use at home to aid in recovery and maintenance. Getting treatment of course is very effective, but doing your “homework” will accelerate the healing. These four tools are also fantastic for maintenance and prevention of injury.

the-grid-massage-therapy-roller1. Trigger Point Grid Roller

This little torture device is magic! There are many knock offs, you want to get this product.

It can be used on all of the areas of the body but there is absolutely no better way to get into the muscles of the hips than with this product.

2. The Stick.

There are many knock offs of this product as well. This is the original. I like this product because it does have some flex to it. When I was racing in University we just use a rolling pin:) The rolling pin works fine but the flex of “The Stick” is more effective on the muscles.

3. Thermophore
thermaphore-1Basically, it is a super-hero heating pad. I love this thing. I have had mine since 1998 and still use it. The beauty of this heating pad is it’s size. I can lay on my front and cover all the way from my glutes to my knees. It is a professional model so it will be pricier than you find a basic heating pad at a pharmacy….but well worth the price with it’s effectiveness.


Simple. Low Cost….and perfect to work out small spastic areas. My favorite tennis ball area is the bottom of the foot working the plantar fascia.